Reality or Pipe Dream: Kawhi and LBJ both Sixers

Reality: Superstar Hunting Brett Brown stated in his post draft presser, the following.  First, he drafted the local kid and 2 time National Champ Mikael Bridges at number 10.   His tenure as a Sixer did not last long.   Within an hour of that pick, a trade was made.  The trade details are below. The 2021 pick from the Heat is unprotected.   Doing some more research into the Miami Heat’s payroll, we learn more about their current situation.   First, we know they are more than a few players away.   The Sixers were able to dispose of them in five games, in the opening round of the NBA playoffs.   We also know the team is aging and does not have any real assets.  We also know they are well over the cap, and high in the luxury tax bracket, going into next season. After the 2019-2020 season, players such as Whiteside, Dragic, and Tyler…

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STORY. Exclusive

CTP: new model

I am back from some time off.   During this time off, a few things happened in life.   First, I had a terrible car accident about two weeks ago and aside from being shaken, I remain in disbelief.   I was never hit so hard, and more importantly never so scared.   All parties were okay, and all things are fixable, but it is still traumatic. My last post before hiatus I stated ways to improve.  After some thinking, I decided on some things that will greatly impact this site.   It will be better for the readers, and those as passionate about Philly sports as myself. Let me get to let you know what these ideas and improvements are. —First, on careful thought, the design of this site is fine, I just need to make small modifications. –Second, there are to many sports blogs.   My niche in this market will be opinions and exposes. …

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CTP: Site Update!

Today is a good day for an update.   For the most part, sans Bryan Colangelo, and Trump being well Trump, it is a quiet time. I was once told it is always quiet before the storm.   This holds true for both the landscape of Philadelphia Sports and this website.  Today, I am answering the question:  What is the future of continuetheprocess.com.  Great question, so let us dive right into it. Design Update As I stated in my last post, we need a new design.   I understand its plain which turns into a weak appearance with all the competition around.  This will improve. In terms of Word Press, I am no expert.  Over the past several days I spent time learning/teaching myself the ins and outs of it.   This site needs a better design to appease to you the reader from an easy on the eyes perspective as well as being unique. …

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Continue the Process Annoucement: We Need a Hiatus!

We have been in operation for about one month.  I have noticed a few things.   One is that there is a general audience out there who will read your content  if they find them to be quality.  That being said, we have a large competition of competition out there.  There are hundreds maybe thousands of sports blogs out there.   For myself, I want to be your be number one stop.   Hinging, on the how the team handles, the Colangelo situation.  I am still the first of these sites to put his neck on the line and confirm for you that I believe Lebron will be signing here this summer. However, my site needs more content to excel.  It needs to get better.  I am not a word press expert, nor am I a website expert.   The biggest mail/comments I received is that without more visibility we will not be able…

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Sixers: What The Ringer Exposed!

The Ringer Story is fantastic and disturbing at the same time. Last night, was a slow night in Philadelphia sports.  My time today I thought today’s post would be about the dominance of Jake Arrieta in May.  The Phillies won their 30th game of the season last night.   Something that did not occur last year until July 16th.   Pedro Florimon did suffer a broken foot.  Rhys Hoskin’s face is fine, and the team won 6-1.  The story of this game was Arrieta’s dominance on the mound.  Arrieta’s May numbers prove the 25 million a year number is not an overpay or reach. 5 Starts, a 2-1 record, a 0.90 ERA, 30IP, 3 ER, 25 Hits, 20Ks, 9 BB But as today starts the Phillies and Jake will have to go back burner.  This is because of this well-researched, and even a better-written piece from The Ringer.   It truly is one of…

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Lebron James: King of the NBA

The King has done it again There is a mix of different opinions on this topic.  What we can not look past, is that Lebron James has done it again.   For the eighth straight time, Lebron will appear in the  NBA Finals.  In my opinion, James has become the greatest player ever to play in the history of the NBA.  The King has made a strong case. Yes, strong words.   I am sure, I will hear a ton of hatred for this.  Jordan and Kobe’s supporters, currently foaming at the mouth to throw some backlash.  Allow me to explain myself.  First, let me ask you a question?  Why is it a sin to the basketball gods, to even say this? Let us first take a look at everything in perspective. We can begin with this tweet. LeBron James has won 6 straight Game 7s and moves to 6-2 in Game 7s…

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The Flag, The Anthem, The NFL Owners, and the Eagles

The Flag is a symbol of America This is something I will not disagree with. The flag is perhaps one of our greatest symbols of freedom. Here we are on the verge of Memorial day weekend, a day meant to honor the lives of who give/gave their lives for the betterment and protection of this country.  This will always be at worst a sports blog, 97 percent of it, will be Philadelphia sports related, that was my promise to you the reader.   This discussion below will not turn political, nor will I show my affiliation to either side of the spectrum.   The only reason I decided to write this piece is because of the new NFL rule Change, and the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles, who as a team are together, as a unit, but who individually may have different views.   Its more so a parallel comparison article then anything…

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Arrieta Shines, Alfaro is a seed thrower!

Jake Arrieta was dealing last night.. Just so we all know, that 3 year 75 million dollar for Jake Arrieta in the off season was well worth it.  The Phillies won again last night 4-0, and are still now only a half game out of first place.   There is an off day today, and then a weekend series with the Blue Jays. There are many positive things to take away from this Braves series, in its entirety.   The Braves are for real. Firs the series itself.   We finally won a series against this team after losing the prior three, and are done with this team till September.  The Phillies outscored the Braves 8-3 in the series, taking two of the three games, shutting the Braves and their number one ranked National League offense out TWICE! The entire staff in this series was phenomenal, but the starting pitching was unreal.  The…

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Robert Covington: First Team All Defense?? Something Is not right!

Robert Covington somehow made first team All NBA Defense… YES!   This has really happened!  Covington earned respect, for his defense. How I am not sure, but it did.  Yesterday, the NBA released the NBA All Defensive team results.  Here is how it worked out. First Team: Anthony Davis: Pelicans Rudy Gobert: Jazz Jrue Holiday: Pelicans Robert Covington: Sixers Victor Oladipo: Pacers Second Team: Draymond Green: Warriors Jimmy Butler: Timberwolves Al Horford: Celtics Joel Embiid: Sixers Dejounte Murray: Spurs Let’s just exhaust this whole sham of a vote right now.  Let us first look at the voters, for this award. Is it possible, that local writer Keith Pompey, and these other 99 self-proclaimed basketball experts, stopped watching basketball at the end of the regular season.  I mean, come on.   How Lebron James, does not make first NBA defensive team every year is beyond me.   He literally guards any player on the…

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CTP Exclusive: Four Expectations, to change the landscape of Philadelphia Sports, For The Next Several Years!

As fans of sports in this city, we are fueled with passion.  We have extremely high expectations, and we bleed for our teams.  It is true, we will get on management, the players, and even ownership if it is not meeting our standards.  We often see our teams as an extension of ourselves, in some ways, a part of life, and in the most extreme of conditions, we view them as our family.  It is part of the fabric that makes this city great, it is why I chose to settle here as an adult, more importantly, its why I love our fans, and are vested rooting interest. Daily life, work, family, and adult responsibilities, can be difficult.   Often times things pop up that are unexpected, and sometimes, seem to be more than you think you will be able to handle.  In time, you figure it out, and you move…

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First Place is on the line…

How First Place will be determined?? Here it is May 21st, 2018 and by the end of Wednesday night, the Phillies could be in first place.  There are a few important days in the baseball season if you are  fan.  First, is opening day, one of the best days of the year, should be a national holiday.   The next set of benchmarks are as follows. –Memorial Day: This is about the quarter mark of the season, and a roughly 40 game sample, should be enough to see if your team is close or not. –July 4th:   Close to the midway mark, and the All Star Game, also the deadline is at the end of the month, at this point you can see where your team is, and what pieces are missing.  Usually, this is where fans, start the chatter of the best available positions, per said position, and how to…

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Stacking Up W’s: Can Vince Pitch??

Victories in 7 out 8, Can Vince Valasquez keep it going? Last night was a promising start for Vince Valasquez.  The Phillies opened a 4 game series with a 6-2 win, and improved to 8-0 versus the NL Central.  All, very good things, I think we are deep enough into the season, to say the Phillies, are ahead of their rebuild plan.  I continue to harp on this, but its a good point to make.  The current record is 25-16 1/2 game out of first place and a 25-16 record.  Had we not been 8-14 in our own division and played even .500 ball, we would be 28-13.   Outside the NL East, we are 17-2.   We will need to improve against, the NL East, as we have 54 of them remaining, and like every year, many will come later in the year. How bout Vince last night, and how bout…

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Jason Kelce has a point

Jason Kelce’s point is valid… The team should be a little upset about the disrespect by the national media.   The team is fresh off its first ever Super Bowl Championship.   A playoff run that was completed by a backup QB, and for the most part, return many of the same pieces.  All that being said, the rest of the world disagrees.  Hopefully, the team uses this as motivation, stays hungry, and makes a run at repeating.  The main point of Kelce’s rant was just that they are being disrespected, when they are coming back with what maybe even a better roster. First lets, look at the some odds, not just for the Super Bowl but for the season as well. NFC East Odds: This seems fair, clearly the Eagles are the team in the NFC East.  They are the most complete team in the division, and have the best Quarterback. …

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The Phillies are fun again!…Thank Papelbon!

The Phillies seem to be fun again.. Does anyone remember that shit turd Jonathon Papelbon. He was brutal, and said stupid things about Philly fans. His personality was not fun.  He said stupid stuff. Stuff like this: “I don’t say anything to piss anybody off, piss the fans off, by any means. I’m honest, you know? I’m a Phillie right now. I play for the Phillies, but there’s a big part of my heart that lies with the Red Sox, you know what I mean?” Ultimately, he sucked, blew a shit ton of games, and on July 28th, 2015 he was traded for Nick Pivetta.  Long overdue, the games were no longer fun, and every time he came in, you had to bite your nails to see if he would hold the lead.  12 seasons and 90 million dollars later, almost 50 of which was played out by the Phillies…

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STORY. Exclusive

CTP Update: An Exclusive Story Coming!!

Coming Soon to CTP: An Exclusive Story!! Where I try to differentiate myself from the other Philly sports blogs, is by giving you heart felt opinions, and good story writing.  While they have full time employees, and a payroll, I have me.  That being said, its kind of a slow sports time right now.  The Sixers were just eliminated from the playoffs, the Super Bowl Champs, are just now getting back to work, and the Phillies have not played on consecutive days in what feels like forever. I like to pride myself on giving you the readers, strong opinions, and different opinions based on what you read.  As you may or may not have already read, I have a full time job, so I do not have as much time to work on this as your other bloggers. This is not an excuse just a fact! If written well people…

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Chance at #1

There is a Chance of Drafting #1

The odds are small but your saying there is a chance… Yes, this is what I am saying.   If all the ping balls align perfectly, the Philadelphia 76ers could walk away with the number 1 pick in this years NBA Draft.   How is something like this possible?   Lets look at the odds from all non playoff teams this year. The balls will be sorted tonight, and the teams with the best chance are listed below. The Sixers via Sam Hinke have a 4.0 % chance of getting a top pick and a 1.1% chance of drafting number 1 overall.  Again, the chance is slim.   More importantly, if the pick falls between 2 and 5 it goes to the Celtics, because of the Fultz trade.   If it is number 1 or 6-10 it belongs to the Sixers.   So like, I introduced, the chance is small but it is there. Lets say…

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interesting santan

Yesterday’s Phillies Game Was Interesting!!

It was an interesting Mother’s Day matinee… After a complete wash out on Saturday night, yesterday was a chilly, rainy, dreary, day.  Friday night we watched a gem of a performance by Jake Arietta go to waste, as Hector Neris struggles continued.  While he ultimately, did blow the lead late in the game, the Phillies, also had plenty of chances they wasted and the lone run, came on Odubel Herrera’s solo shot in the bottom of the first inning.  So, Sunday the Phillies were looking to get back at it, and close the series out with a win.  34,091 who paid attendance were hoping to see a pitching duel between the Phillies Ace, Aaron Nola, and Mets longhaired, flamethrowing freak Jacob deGrom.  There was a one hour rain Then the the game started, and needless to say things got interesting. Both pitchers struggled in the first inning, loading the bases.  However, both…

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Carson Wentz

Eagles: Thoughts on Carson Wentz being ready Week 1

Do you believe Carson Wentz will be starting on September 6th against Atlanta? Recovery from a torn ACL varies.  Carson Wentz was injured on December 17th, in LA, a game in which his team won that clinched the NFC East for the Eagles, ultimately a season that ended with a victory in the Superbowl with a backup QB.  The question remains, will Carson be ready for week 1. The team, seems to think they are set up to be fine if he is not.  Carson believes he will be ready for opening night.  In an off season in which the draft was in Dallas, we trolled the Cowboys and the team is defending Super Bowl champs, it would be nice if we had clear direction regarding Carson. I understand, that what Nick Foles did for this city has us on cloud 9 and emotions on feelings we are not use…

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Future, Simmons, Embiid

Sixers: Part 3 of 3: The Future??

What is the Future of the Philadelphia 76ers? Here we are just a few days, after being eliminated in the playoffs.  Ultimately, questions about the future of this team are already being asked.   Everyone, wants to play GM, and have the answers.  Often things like this become expected after a run that fans, and on lookers believe was to short.  Many thought after a 16 game winning streak to close, out the season, there would be more.  More so, after a 5 game win in what was ultimately, a physical series, the expectations had been set.  We should advance through round 2 against a Boston team sans their 2 best players.  Especially, when we consider, they just had a difficult time disposing of the Bucks in 7 games.  Expectations were high, for an all out war and an exhibition showing why LBJ should come to Philly. But sometimes, things do…

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Home Field, 4 in a row

Home Field Advantage, the Phillies are streaking!

Is Home field advantage at Citizens Bank Park a Real Thing! Home Field advantage at CBP. Don’t look now, I know we have been on a Sixers run over the past two months, that was unreal, and great for the city, and that was taken from us rather prematurely.  So until training camp starts up for the Superbowl Champion Eagles, we are left to discuss baseball.  Over the past several years, baseball in this town, has been some what of a joke, more about a rebuild and finding core players, while trading off those who won us a Championship 10 years ago, to finding our new analytics driven GM and Manager.  But in case you missed it, the Phillies 37 games into the season, are 22-15. Talk about coming out of nowhere, not only is this fast start unexpected, but the bigger surprise is the team’s place in the standings. …

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playoff jj redick

Playoff Defeat: The morning after…

Sixers Playoff Run Over, Fall to Celtics 4-1 It was a difficult night to say the least.  Ideally, it would have taken a perfect game to get it back to Philly and the Wells Fargo, but even with all that, it remained a possibility. Playoff loses are difficult.  A hard fought game, a tough loss, more questionable coaching, and yet still had a chance to win it. There is so much to analyze after this game and this series, so I will spend some time looking at each of these points. Robert Covington He in this series, was lets be fair, awful.   Reality shows that the, numbers speak for themselves.  At one time, he was this teams best option, but that was also when they were a bad team.   The old saying goes, never put to much value of the best player on a bad team.   Looking at the numbers,…

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TJ Mcconell the miracle

Down 3-1: A miracle in the making?

Looking at the series at 3-1: While it may seem impossible to think that a 3-0 series deficit, is to much to overcome, and may take a miracle to pull off.   There is also some type of confidence from fans in this town. Following, a game 3 win and the performance of TJ McConnell.  While the task of digging out of this seems unlikely, the first part has been accomplished.  Now, at this point it would take 3 straight wins.  Two of those would be at  difficult building to play in on the road, against a team, who seems to be able expose our weaknesses. After a 103-92 victory on Monday, the Sixers now find themselves only needing to win 3 more games to pull this off.  While I see it as being unlikely, its not entirely out of the question.   I am aware that this has never happened in…

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Take it for what it is, Aaron Nola is an Ace!

The Phillies won their 2nd game in a row last night against the Giants.   Odubel Herrera continues to get on base, Carlos Santana, is starting to turn it around, from his awful start, and the bullpen did not find a way to blow another strong pitching performance.  That performance was turned in by Aaron Nola who is now 5-1 on the season.   The numbers were outstanding.  Seven innings, 1 run, scattering 5 hits and a career high 12 strikeouts, and a total pitch count of a 109.   His stuff was so good, he most likely could have finished the game, but in Gabe’s style of baseball, analytics matter, and the pitch count for him was just to high to let Nola continue. Lets take a closer look at Aaron by the numbers this year.  They are quite impressive, as he has been a stable and promising force in the Phillies…

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Odubel Hererra is quietly, having a monster year!!

Let’s change up the focus up for a bit here, and talk about the Philadelphia Phillies.  While they still have issues closing out games, and blew a 3 run lead in the final 2 innings on Sunday, a game in which Hector Neris could not get an out in the 9th inning, ultimately leading to a 5-4 loss.   There are some positives for the team.  For one, 34 games into the season they sit at 19-15 in second place in the NL East, just a half game behind, the upstart, very surprising Atlanta Braves.  They also have a 12-5 home record, which could mean a fairly significant home field advantage that we haven’t seen since the end of the last decade and early into this decade.  They are home for the next week and they opened up a 4 game series last night, against the Giants, and put an 11-0…

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Sixers: Answers from the CTP Inbox Part 2 Of 3

As I look at the team more in depth and people begin to ask more questions, or make more statements, about the team mainly after they watched the team fall into a 0-3 hole against a team, fans feel they are more talented than.  In yesterday’s Part 1 we looked at is Brett Brown a bad coach, and did the Sixers get taken in last years draft. I think that both of these questions were hot on peoples minds, because they were able to see what Jayson Taytum was doing to us, while Markelle Fultz sulks on the sideline, and because sans a few questionable coaching decisions, the series could have been 2-1 Sixers and not 3-0 Celtics.  For the most part the team over achieved this year.  Most of us fans believed we would grow together, and possibly get between 42-45 wins depending on how many games Joel was…

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