About Us

How this started

Continuetheprocess.com was started by myself, in 2018 but idea had been in the works along time, after writing Monday Morning synopsis of the prior week in the world of the Philadelphia sports scene from the prior week.   This was greeted with general positive feedback on various social media platforms and once time and the idea came about, so then came the website/blog.

My promise to you

While it is not my job, business, or style to put other websites on blast, I have noticed that blogs like this in the past several years, have either changed their base, their model, or what they cover.   This site will be none of that.  This site is run by myself and myself only, and I have a full time career so this is more a hobby than anything.

What I share with you the reader is passion and love for Philadelphia sports.  I believe in hard work and that if I give you something you enjoy reading you may pass that along by word of mouth, and share it with others.  My articles, although maybe not news breaking, or full of screen grabs, will be strictly opinions from my perspective and from what I see with my own eyes.  Good writing, and heart felt writing, will lead to debate, and conversation, which is exactly what I want.   Here are things, that I want to clarify on this site, that you will never, see, or find, as long as it is in my possession.

1)This site will never not from the start or in the future, have a subscription based model.   All content will be available to all users, as it should be, the world is tough, people work hard for thier money, why would they want to spend that just to here opinion based talk.

2)While depending on how this site goes, I may decide to monetize it, but that is down the road, however, I will not blow you up with pop ups, pop unders, surveys, or other types of ad, to distract your viewing/reading pleasure.   Thank you for stopping by and I appreciate you visiting continuetheprocess.com