Down 3-1: A miracle in the making?

TJ Mcconell the miracle

Looking at the series at 3-1:

While it may seem impossible to think that a 3-0 series deficit, is to much to overcome, and may take a miracle to pull off.   There is also some type of confidence from fans in this town. Following, a game 3 win and the performance of TJ McConnell.  While the task of digging out of this seems unlikely, the first part has been accomplished.  Now, at this point it would take 3 straight wins.  Two of those would be at  difficult building to play in on the road, against a team, who seems to be able expose our weaknesses.

After a 103-92 victory on Monday, the Sixers now find themselves only needing to win 3 more games to pull this off.  While I see it as being unlikely, its not entirely out of the question.   I am aware that this has never happened in the history of 3-0 series leads in the NBA Playoffs, and the record for teams holding a 3-0 lead, are 129-0.  The 3-0 series lead was generated by questionable coaching decisions, and fans calling for the head of Brett Brown.   I tried to calm those thoughts, earlier in the week.

Game 5:

Will tell us pretty much everything, we need to know about the series, if they can pull this out, then we have a punchers chance.  We would be  coming back home to a lit center on Friday night.   There are a few things that I see that could be problematic tonight.   We already know that TJ is starting, as Brett Brown has announced as such.  I just do not know what else he can do change wise.   Sure, TJ adds a spark, and sure he plays with heart, and emotion, but will it be enough.   The Celtics, are athletic, fast, and coached well.

They have obvious mismatches at the wing positions, and they have depth.  That depth has presented many problems for us this series.  They defend the 3 point line well, and we are not hitting shots. We also have problems covering them off the dribble, and getting to them at the parameter.

Do you believe in Miracles?

Well, I would like to believe that stranger things have happened, (ie 1980 US Hockey Team, the Eagles win the Super Bowl after they lose their Franchise Quarterback).  I suppose anything is possible.  I for one do not have a great feeling about tonight’s game, and hope I am wrong.   The building is tough to play in, the crowd will be hostile. If we learned anything from Brad Stevens so far, is that there isn’t to much Brett can throw at him, that he is not ready for.

More importantly, what else is there he can do.   You can’t play Holmes or Anderson. Roco is both an offensive and defensive liability.  I do believe that Ben will be better tonight then he was in Game 4.  I just do not know if we can develop a game plan, that Stevens is not ready or prepared for on the other side.  More importantly, he has the favorable match ups based on the current players.   There is no influx, or other changes that can be made, that can improve that fact.  A miracle in the works?

I do not know how the series will play out.   But I can deal with a miracle?

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