Eagles: Thoughts on Carson Wentz being ready Week 1

Carson Wentz

Do you believe Carson Wentz will be starting on September 6th against Atlanta?

Recovery from a torn ACL varies.  Carson Wentz was injured on December 17th, in LA, a game in which his team won that clinched the NFC East for the Eagles, ultimately a season that ended with a victory in the Superbowl with a backup QB.  The question remains, will Carson be ready for week 1.

The team, seems to think they are set up to be fine if he is not.  Carson believes he will be ready for opening night.  In an off season in which the draft was in Dallas, we trolled the Cowboys and the team is defending Super Bowl champs, it would be nice if we had clear direction regarding Carson.

I understand, that what Nick Foles did for this city has us on cloud 9 and emotions on feelings we are not use to feeling. However, I still believe this team needs Carson Wentz to be a successful playoff team.  I will throw my apologies out to all Eagle fans at this time.  Unfortunately, I do not believe in my head, he will be able to duplicate the 10 magical post season quarters he gave us.

What does this mean?

In case you have not seen it yet this year. The birds schedule is brutal. Carson Went is the key to this teams’ success.  I get it, the D-line has depth, the running back group has depth, the coach is loved by his players.  Likely, all of these matter for the success of a football team, but Wentz is special.   He led this team to 11 wins last year, in 13 games, he set franchise records for TD passes.  Carson has been praised by his teammates his leadership.  He also garnishes the respect of his teammates.  Injury aside, as it was terrible, Carson wants to be back.  For the team, the expectations, and the impending schedule, he needs to be back.

Sometimes after injuries, players regress or develop bad habits.  In some cases, they are never the same as they were before.   But sometimes, the rare player comes to the surface and things like this occur.


As a fan all of this excites me.  I need number 11 back on the field in the worst way.  Nothing against Nick Foles or what he did, but lets be fair with ourselves here.  Nick does not have the mobility, arm talent or ability to keep plays alive that Carson possesses. Let’s not put to much stock in that, again I am not ripping Nick, rather praising Carson.

What Carson has shown us?

Before the Superbowl we saw this:

And since then moving forward, we have seen other things, that should as fans, make us believe it is going to happen.

Along with this, I am sure you have all viewed, the Instagram videos.  The fact remains, Carson is the real deal.  He is the future, and we need him on the field.  IN CARSON WE TRUST!!

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