Continue the Process Annoucement: We Need a Hiatus!

We have been in operation for about one month.  I have noticed a few things.   One is that there is a general audience out there who will read your content  if they find them to be quality.  That being said, we have a large competition of competition out there.  There are hundreds maybe thousands of sports blogs out there.   For myself, I want to be your be number one stop.   Hinging, on the how the team handles, the Colangelo situation.  I am still the first of these sites to put his neck on the line and confirm for you that I believe Lebron will be signing here this summer.

However, my site needs more content to excel.  It needs to get better.  I am not a word press expert, nor am I a website expert.   The biggest mail/comments I received is that without more visibility we will not be able to keep up with the competition.

That maybe true.   It also may not be.   But here is what I know, I need to improve my site, and offer you the best possible content.  I also need to change the design up a bit.  This was my first stab at word press and blog creation, and with little to no time to spend on it, this was the first design I could come up with.

THAT IS GOING TO CHANGE!–We are going to update and improve!
ALL OF THIS IS COMING-And the site will still remain 100 percent free for you the reader.


I need some time, so hang in there with me.  I need my base now more than ever.

We are coming back stronger, better, and 100 percent free! is committed to being the number 1 Philadelphia sports blog in the area!  Rest assured, no one works harder at what he does than me.   Even if I have to do the entire site alone!

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Part Time Gig Owner/Operator of Real Time Career Network/VoIP Engineer Philly sports to me is more of a lifestyle then selling out for website hits. I speak here with my passion, and my views, and I put my value in you the reader. I appreciate you stopping by.
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