Robert Covington: First Team All Defense?? Something Is not right!

Robert Covington somehow made first team All NBA Defense…

YES!   This has really happened!  Covington earned respect, for his defense. How I am not sure, but it did.  Yesterday, the NBA released the NBA All Defensive team results.  Here is how it worked out.

First Team:
Anthony Davis: Pelicans
Rudy Gobert: Jazz
Jrue Holiday: Pelicans
Robert Covington: Sixers
Victor Oladipo: Pacers

Second Team:
Draymond Green: Warriors
Jimmy Butler: Timberwolves
Al Horford: Celtics
Joel Embiid: Sixers
Dejounte Murray: Spurs

Let’s just exhaust this whole sham of a vote right now.  Let us first look at the voters, for this award.
votersIs it possible, that local writer Keith Pompey, and these other 99 self-proclaimed basketball experts, stopped watching basketball at the end of the regular season.  I mean, come on.   How Lebron James, does not make first NBA defensive team every year is beyond me.   He literally guards any player on the court, usually the best guy on the other team, regardless of his position.   Did they not see the playoffs?  Did they not see this:

He was flat out dominated by a rookie in the playoffs in crucial parts of games.   If your voting him as an all defensive first team player, then I should expect, Covington to at least be able to make things for the difficult for the rookie in the playoffs, but no I got the exact opposite.  Tatum made Covington look like the vet.   Out of position, getting beat to the rim and in many cases out of position.  Then there was the AWFUL, DISGUSTING, almost VILE offensive numbers from Roco.

–Game 1: 0-6 FG (0-4 3PT), 3PTS, 27 minutes -13
–Game 2: 8-15 FG (4-7 3PT) 22 points, 40 minues +4
–Game 3: 0-8 FG (0-5 3PT) 1 point, 25 minutes -12
–Game 4: 1-7 FG (1-5 3PT) 3 points, 19 minutes -3
–Game 5: 2-5 FG (1-3 3PT) 5 points, 21 minutes -7

I can’t deal.  How did this even happen?? What pisses me off even more?  The finalists for DPOY for the League this year are:

Anthony Davis
Rudy Gobert
Joel Embiid

I do  not see Robert Covington on this list.  A finalist for DPOY is on the 2nd team as voted, by basketball experts.  As we know, Covington had surgery on his left middle finger after the season.  Ironically, the same finger, I often displayed to Covington as I watched him play defense in the playoffs.

Ain’t that some crazy shit!

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