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Today is a good day for an update.   For the most part, sans Bryan Colangelo, and Trump being well Trump, it is a quiet time. I was once told it is always quiet before the storm.   This holds true for both the landscape of Philadelphia Sports and this website.  Today, I am answering the question:  What is the future of continuetheprocess.com.  Great question, so let us dive right into it.

Design Update

As I stated in my last post, we need a new design.   I understand its plain which turns into a weak appearance with all the competition around.  This will improve. In terms of Word Press, I am no expert.  Over the past several days I spent time learning/teaching myself the ins and outs of it.   This site needs a better design to appease to you the reader from an easy on the eyes perspective as well as being unique.  I am happy to announce this is in the works and is in development by myself as I write this.

Content Update

I already reported exclusive content in the past. This was thought out and was written with inside information.   I have the sources it is just more a time crunch issue.  The goal and promise to you will always be to be your one-stop for all the latest Philadelphia sports news. This has not changed, nor will it, any time soon.

My main problem right now is lack of time.  Stories take content great content.   Great content needs to be confirmed and takes some time to acquire.   It is almost like a process itself.   I know that if I deliver first, or deliver what the others are unable too, that benefits me.

SEO and Advertising Updates

Here I am again stating not an expert in either.   I ran very few small ad campaigns for a specific post in the past.  I ran those on social media sites, and the results were mixed.  When the new site is ready, advertising will go up.  This will be done with my own money.  I can only improve SEO by getting more unique visits on a consistent level.  These are things for me to work out on my end.  My concern for you will always be, ease of reading and an open dialogue.

The advertising will never be done via hundreds of pop-ups, surveys, or embedded ads that slow the site down and destroy the reader experience.  As I have stated from Day 1, we will never sell out.   You will never have to worry about a pay wall or subscriber model with me.  If the content is great, you will come.

I ask that you give me until near the end of this month.  All great things take time, and usually, have a few unsuccessful launches at first.  This is no different.  My promise is to be better and work harder than the others.  We need to get through this whole Colangelo debacle, which is embarrassing to the Sixers right now.  We need a new GM and need to get to work on the draft, and the biggest offseason in team history.  Along with that, the SUPERBOWL Champs are back.

I will be here for you, but I need some time.  I value you as the continued reader, and if you have any comments or concerns regarding these next steps.  Please use the contact form.  I appreciate your reading, and your continued followship.

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