CTP Update: An Exclusive Story Coming!!

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Coming Soon to CTP: An Exclusive Story!!

Where I try to differentiate myself from the other Philly sports blogs, is by giving you heart felt opinions, and good story writing.  While they have full time employees, and a payroll, I have me.  That being said, its kind of a slow sports time right now.  The Sixers were just eliminated from the playoffs, the Super Bowl Champs, are just now getting back to work, and the Phillies have not played on consecutive days in what feels like forever.

I like to pride myself on giving you the readers, strong opinions, and different opinions based on what you read.  As you may or may not have already read, I have a full time job, so I do not have as much time to work on this as your other bloggers. This is not an excuse just a fact!

If written well people will enjoy the story…

Over what will take the next several days, I will be writing a post more so based on opinion, and some takes, from the limited insiders I know, that will be for you the reader.  Of course, it will center around Philadelphia sports.  Let’s be fair that is why we are all here.  Over the course of my 30 plus years of fandom, I have seen the good times, and the bad times all of which has shaped me as a writer, and a person who wants to give you the best story possible.

This is not a site out to ask you for money, blow you up with ads, as you currently see 0 on this site, or do I need a subscription based model, if you enjoy reading, you will return, and you will tell a friend or five.  This is how I plan to build my base.  Certainly the first give or take a month, has been a bit slow on return, but it could be much worse.

What makes the story exclusive??

Well, content mainly.   A varying mix of facts versus opinions.  The fact, that I will be hoping to release it first, but again, work and other stuff takes priority.  I am really just an average guy, with a life like all of you, but an uncontrollable passion and love for this city’s sports franchises.  My hope is that it grabs you, it makes you think, and you can refer other readers.   Again, my goal as always, has been you.  I want to be your one stop for all the happenings, rumors, and news.  I must first earn that right however, and if I learned anything in my life, its this.  Hard work and quality will always win out over quantity and the lackluster.

That being said a few things, look for this story/post end of this month, early next month.  Also keep in mind, I will still be posting other stories when time allots, regarding other happenings around the Philly sports world.  I love what I do, and I love making you the reader happy, but not wasting your time.

**SIDE NOTE: The Phillies game start time has been changed to 12:05PM today.  It was originally scheduled to start at 12:35PM, but there is weather in the area.  The game postponed last night, will be made up on July 12th.

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