Home Field Advantage, the Phillies are streaking!

Home Field, 4 in a row

Is Home field advantage at Citizens Bank Park a Real Thing!

Home Field advantage at CBP. Don’t look now, I know we have been on a Sixers run over the past two months, that was unreal, and great for the city, and that was taken from us rather prematurely.  So until training camp starts up for the Superbowl Champion Eagles, we are left to discuss baseball.  Over the past several years, baseball in this town, has been some what of a joke, more about a rebuild and finding core players, while trading off those who won us a Championship 10 years ago, to finding our new analytics driven GM and Manager.  But in case you missed it, the Phillies 37 games into the season, are 22-15.

Talk about coming out of nowhere, not only is this fast start unexpected, but the bigger surprise is the team’s place in the standings.   The Phillies are currently 2nd in the NL East, and percentage points behind the Braves for first place.  They just completed a 4 game sweep of the Giants, the second four game sweep this season.  Waxing, the Giants 32-8 in the series.  But do they have a real home field advantage at Citizens Bank Park.


The home record is the best in the National League

If we break down the standings in baseball, the Phillies home record is best in the National League, and second best in all of baseball.  They have been winning, and winning often.

15-5 is by far the best in the National League.  Only the world beating Yankees are better.   If we look at today’s recap we can see that Vince Valezquez had one of those starts we all know he is capable of having if he put it all together.  If you have been a CTP reader for a while, I appreciate it.  My opinion on the team was that I expect them to be around in September, fighting for the playoffs.  All that being said lets enjoy this ride.  Odubel continues to reach base, Aaron Nola continues to dominate, and ho-hum we win at home.


The weather is a changing, and the bats are coming to life.  What is better, than overpriced beers and food, and enjoying America’s past time on a summer night.  This team right now is fun…Remember that run from 2007-2011.

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