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I am back from some time off.   During this time off, a few things happened in life.   First, I had a terrible car accident about two weeks ago and aside from being shaken, I remain in disbelief.   I was never hit so hard, and more importantly never so scared.   All parties were okay, and all things are fixable, but it is still traumatic.

My last post before hiatus I stated ways to improve.  After some thinking, I decided on some things that will greatly impact this site.   It will be better for the readers, and those as passionate about Philly sports as myself. Let me get to let you know what these ideas and improvements are.

—First, on careful thought, the design of this site is fine, I just need to make small modifications.
–Second, there are to many sports blogs.   My niche in this market will be opinions and exposes.  Not copy paste, copy paste, copy paste and giving you posts everyday. You want content and value that is what you will receive.  It is also what you should expect, and I will give that to you beginning tomorrow.


Check back tomorrow, end of day ish for our first dive.




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