The Phillies are fun again!…Thank Papelbon!


The Phillies seem to be fun again..

Does anyone remember that shit turd Jonathon Papelbon. He was brutal, and said stupid things about Philly fans. His personality was not fun.  He said stupid stuff. Stuff like this:

“I don’t say anything to piss anybody off, piss the fans off, by any means. I’m honest, you know? I’m a Phillie right now. I play for the Phillies, but there’s a big part of my heart that lies with the Red Sox, you know what I mean?”

Ultimately, he sucked, blew a shit ton of games, and on July 28th, 2015 he was traded for Nick Pivetta.  Long overdue, the games were no longer fun, and every time he came in, you had to bite your nails to see if he would hold the lead.  12 seasons and 90 million dollars later, almost 50 of which was played out by the Phillies (Thanks Ruin Tomorrow, Jr), he is now a memory of the past.  Thank you, for that!

This team is having fun and winning…

Its 2018 enter a new culture, youth movement, and some valuable veteran leadership and the game seems fun again.  Even while watching from a far, meaning a tv perspective.  The rotation, the biggest question mark over the last several seasons, has kept this team relevant and above .500.  There is the legit ace, a former Cy Young Winner, a flame thrower with a ton of tools, who is inconsistent at best, and the guy who took the hill today.  Nick Pivetta, the throw in piece from the Papelbon trade, almost a throw in, just to dump the salary, and his attitude.

How has Nick been of recent, well its a bit up and down.  Today in Baltimore, a very impressive line, lets take a look.

7.0 IP, 2Hits, 1 Run (a lead off home run and that was it) 11Ks, and 1 Walk, on 99 pitches.   You would take this from your starter every game.  Not to mention your at best third or fourth guy in the rotation.  He has really grown from last year to this year, he has become a better pitcher and a valuable piece in the rotation.

Odubel and the Offense continue to feed..

The Phillies took care of Baltimore 4-1 today.  Aside from Pivetta’s gem which improved his record to 3-2 on the year, and the team to an overall 24-16 (8 games over .500 a quarter of the way through the season.)  At this rate, the team is on pace to win 96 games, unlikely as the schedule is going to become more difficult, but still further along then most experts and fans, had them at this point.

There is also this, which shows you even more about the current status of the team’s success.


Lets take a look at today’s game.  To start Odubel Herrrera singled in the first inning, meaning the consecutive games streak of reaching base is now at 42.  The scoring started in the 6th when Cesar Hernandez led off the inning, like this.


He also had a triple, and scored 2 runs.  After a great at bat by Santana, to keep the inning alive, Mikael Franco, singled home a run to put the Phillies up 2-1.  Pedro Florimon added an RBI single, and Rhys Hoskins added an RBI double to give the Phillies a 4-1 lead.

At the end of the game and holding a 4-1 lead in the 9th, I actually applauded the manager.  The inning started with Edubray Ramos (who may or may not be the closer, depending on who you ask).  He came out on a mission.  He threw 6 pitches, 5 sliders, and just like that, 2Ks, of Jonathon Schoop and Mark Trumbo, and the Phillies were an out away from a one game sweep.

With 2 outs and no runners on Gabe, turned to Hector Neris, his struggles have been well documented lately.  It was a low risk, high reward move.  No one was on base, you were 2 base runners away, from being in a tying run comes to the plate situation.  It was not a save situation, and could not be made one by Neris, but the idea to put him out there to close out the 9th, instills confidence in himself, that he can still get it done.   Maybe it was not a game on the line situation, but it was still an opportunity to get work in late in the game.  Neris was able to retire Chris Davis on a ground ball to second and the game was over.

This team is moving in the right direction, and we will need to see if they can keep it moving forward into the summer months.  But as I stated, I expect this team to be competitive come September.

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