The NFL Draft is Tomorrow in Dallas? The Eagles are Superbowl Champions!!

I have not had the time yet to write about the NFL Draft, or the off season as a a whole yet, as I have been caught up in Sixers madness, an incredible stretch run to end the season, and winning a first round playoff series for the first time in 6 years.  With that I assume, this will be the first of many posts about the Birds here.

In case you forgot, live under a rock, or just generally do not care.   The Eagles beat the Patriots in Superbowl 52, 41-33 behind MVP Nick Foles.  There was a parade in Philadelphia, I was there and according to who you ask only around 699,999 people were as well.   I do not know what the bigger joke is regarding the entire championship run.   Was it the number of people at the parade, or was it the excuse by the Pats fans, that we only won because Malcom Butler did not play.  Regardless, both of these were amazing experiences that I will never forget in my life, and I hope to have a chance to do them again.

I will dip into the off season at a later date, as well as talking about the Eagles Schedule for the upcoming year, I remember how excited I use to be for both of these to start but with the last year, and this team delivering us a championship, it all seems different now, not in a bad way, just different.

The only 2 things, I will touch on briefly about both of these situations is the following:


  1. The season should have kicked off with the raising of the Banner in the Linc against the Dallas Cowboys, all the shit their fans give us, about the rings, and not having one, and that look on Jerry’s face would have been perfect.   More importantly most of the players on that team were not even alive the Cowboys were even relevant as a team, and to watch Jerry cry tears into his 100 dollar bills as he gropes a cheerleader would have been so worth it.
  2. Nick Foles should have been traded when his value was at his highest.  I get they resigned him which makes him even easier to trade at this point, and I get he won us a Championship, and he will never be forgotten for that.  However, this is Carson’s team, he won you 11 games, and gave this team the confidence and belief in each other, that they were something special and could win it all if they believed in each other and worked together.   The number of injuries we saw on this team this year, with the ability to overcome all of them, proved that out.  But again I will get into both of these at a later time.


So, last year the Draft was in Philly, it was perfect, it was done right, the fans loved it, it was a hit in Philadelphia, and when it came up to announce the draft city again this year, we were not given it.  Instead Jerry cried to Roger enough so he could have it in his building.  Who literally, wants to go to Arlington, and watch an NFL Draft in this shit storm of a stadium:

Jerry at this point is probably grinning from ear to ear, thinking of all the added revenue, he can put into his pockets, while he ponders the idea, that the draft was in Philadelphia last year and they won the Super Bowl, so why not us?  Well I know for one, it won’t be you, your team is a dumpster fire, but have fun blindly robbing people and putting that money in your back pocket, having a shitty team again next year, not getting anywhere near a sniff of a championship, and then crying when it does not happen.

Anyway, on to the draft.   I love the draft its like an event, I am not as looking forward to it this year, because I assume it will be loaded, with Dallas paraphernalia, and that will make me throw up in my mouth, more then I already do.  I guess the one saving grace of this entire thing, is that we will be in Dallas stadium, picking 32nd, so I assume, I will get  to here something like this:

“With the 32nd pick, in the NFL Draft, the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles select_______”
DISCLAIMER: I can not wait to see the look on Jerry’s face when that happens, I am going to laugh so hard!

This is what were looking at Pick wise, in the upcoming year:


We have 6 total picks, and lack a single 2nd or 3rd round pick.   That being said, I expect Howie to make moves.  I am not against trading out of the first round at all.   We nee picks, as that is the way the team is built.   However, we are also in a good spot, because at 32 and on a team with not many holes (that is what happens when you ring that ring) you can literally take the best player available.  The main needs this team has right now, if you ask me are as follows:

–Slot Corner (Thanks Worley)
–Tight End (Celek, and Burton gone)
–Running back (Depth, still unsure on Sproles, Pumphrey, and Blount is gone).

There will be plenty of options to look at all of these positions come draft day. If we do decide to make trades together more pics, I am not  against that thinking either, we do have an asset in Nick Foles, which could bring in quite a haul on the back end if you find the right partner. Obviously, Howie has been a genius at mastering the cap, and building this team but at some point it is going to catch up with them, its just how the NFL is.   Eventually guys like Agholor, Darby (if he chooses to stay), Ajayi, Sidney Jones, and most importantly Carson Wentz are no longer going to be on rookie deals, and will want to be paid, as any athlete would want.   I, myself am just looking down the road and saying, that if Kirk Cousins is worth almost 90 million in guaranteed money to a Vikings team, that I believe is still a few pieces away, then what is Carson worth in 2 years.

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